The Communist Party of Ireland Marxist-Leninist supports Syria in its struggle against imperialist aggression






The Communist Party of Ireland Marxist-Leninist offers its full support to the anti-imperialist struggle currently being waged in Syria by the legitimate government of that country, and its millions of brave supporters. The terrorist elements which constitute the opposition are threatening the Syrian state, one of the most progressive in the region, with outright inhalation. Spurred on by their imperialist backers, the US, France, the UK, Israel, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, these fanatical crusaders wish to put in place in Syria, a conservative, sharia dictatorship.


President Assad is the legitimate leader of Syria. His people have looked to him in the past three years for firm footed leadership in a time of tremendous turmoil. His resilience in the face of an unprecedented threat to his country has inspired anti-imperialists in all corners of the world. The threat to Syria is a twofold one. On one hand there are the flocks of Al-Qaeda backed fundamentalists leading a brutal jihad in Syria, on the other is the imperialist block that supports them. Both have one crucial thing in common; their desire to see Syria destabilized and living under imperialist occupation.


The cunning imperialist forces which have fomented illegitimate revolts throughout the Arab region and North Africa in the last three years, have for many years been trying to unsettle the conditions of peace, prosperity and progress which exist in Syria. To this end they have given their wholehearted support to Al-Qaeda and other radical terrorists. They have also supported the illegal invasion of Syria, by such radical terrorists, using neighbouring Arab states as a bridge into Syria. The double standards are glaring. Countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia, countries guilty of gross crimes against humanity, join war-mongering and imperialist states like Britain, France and the United States, to fight a country that respects and protects the rights of all its people. They have formed, in their wars against Syria and Libya, an axis of State and Domestic terrorism which threatens the peace of all people in that region.


It is the duty therefore, of all communists and anti-imperialists to stand against the rotten right-wing extremists that threaten Syria now, and to unite with the Syrian working class who are fighting to repel the western-backed invasion of their country. Our party sees the danger of silence and apathy. The communist and workers movements must speak now to defend the Syrian working class from sharia slavery. The women, workers and minorities of Syria must be our concern. What freedoms will exist for working people in a land that wishes to emulate Saudi Arabia or Bahrain? War-torn Libya is a great litmus test for us. In place of an inspirational anti-imperialist and fair leader we see a pro-western puppet regime made up of religious extremists. This fate must not be forced upon the people of Syria.


The imperialists have however, in their latest venture at illegal regime change, encountered a significant obstacle. The Syrian people are united and strong. They stand behind an army which has sacrificed thousands of men to maintain the rights and freedoms of its people. The Syrian nation can also count on the unmovable fortitude of its leader President Bashar Al-Assad. The most solid block in the Syrian wall of defence however is her people. The Syrian masses are a tenacious force that no nation can conquer. Syrians have, since the inception of this vile extrajudicial invasion, obstinately stood in outright opposition to the invasion and subjugation of their land. The imperialist’s provocative threats may thunder but the resistance of the Syrian people has met that thunder without fear, and has silenced it. All victory to the Syrian workers in their war on imperialism and fanatical foreign terrorists!


Life in Socialist Albania


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Informative and educational videos from Socialist Albania that capture life in Albania under Enver Hoxha and the Albanian Party of Labour. Hoxha’s leadership saw Albania grow from a feudal nation, ravaged by war and invasion, into an industrialized and progressive state. Under Hoxha the standard of life improved in Albania. More people had access to hospitals, children received education, unemployment was eradicated and a life expectancy was dramatically increased. Comrade Hoxha, and his Albanian Party of Labour, also offered international comrades a new route, free of the revisionist guidance of Khruschevism.